Cadbury Woods Farm, Sanbornton, NH
"Riding for Harmony and Balance"

At Cadbury Woods Farm, we hold no discrimination toward the rider's ability or breed of horse. We have had the pleasure of working with a wide range of breeds from mules to thouroughbreds.

We asked some of our students to describe their experience with Cadbury Woods Farm.
Here's what they said:

"I can't ask for a better end to my week!" (Click HERE to Read)

Larysa"When I first came to Cadbury Woods two and a half years ago, I thought my confidence as a rider was fairly good; I could walk, trot, and canter without doubting myself. But I wasn't necessarily immune to the "surprises" of riding. With each spook, kick, and the like, that confidence would take a hit, and some fear would set in for much of the ride. Elizabeth helped me realize how confident I can be, and one huge thing I learned from her was how to ride in the moment, and leave the surprises in the past.
     As exciting as getting a taste of the "fancy" side of dressage may be, it's not as rewarding unless it's done correctly, and chances are, it won't be done correctly without the necessary details. This is a huge thing that Beth looks into when she teaches; the details that separate a good rider from a great rider, much more so than the fancy Third and Fourth Level movements. As nagging a word as "details" may seem, Beth actually makes riding fun, very rewarding, and often filled with laughs- I can't thank her enough for what she's taught me, and I can't ask for a better end to my week!"

-Larysa Kucman


"My aggressive and fearful horse has developed into a gentle and willing animal..."

I acquired a troubled horse a year and a half ago. At the time I had been riding at Cadbury Woods for about a year, and was definitely green, and having never owned a horse before I certainly didn't know how to handle a difficult horse. Elizabeth has helped teach me how to bring this horse back from the dark side. She has a wonderful instinct when dealing with horses and the ability to communicate that instinct to the rider during training. I have moved from a beginner rider to an advanced rider in a short amount of time, and my aggressive and fearful horse has developed into a gentle and willing animal who works so hard at every training session. I questioned the wisdom of bringing this animal into my life many times, but Elizabeth saw his potential and didn't give up on him or me. And I'm very glad she didn't. I highly recommend Cadbury Woods and Elizabeth for any horse and rider training you might need. You will be very satisfied with the results. - Michelle Jackson

"her individualized teaching methods are a good fit for everyone...."

"Elizabeth is teaching several members of our family to ride.  We are beginners, and her individualized teaching methods are a good fit for everyone.  Her emphasis on safety, for both horse and rider, and her sense of humor are wonderful components of her program.  She is particularly good with children and timid riders, always “hears” what you are saying (even if you’re not quite sure how to say it), and seeks the positive in every situation.  Elizabeth has also trained a couple of our horses…whether we needed a horse saddle trained, or had a behavioral issue or two to deal with, she was able to assess the situation, provide kind, gentle and effective training, then teach us how to work with our horse to obtain optimal results. We highly recommend her!"

- Jim

"If you really want to learn how to ride, I would highly suggest Elizabeth for lessons..." (Click HERE to Read)

"Since May of 2009, I have been riding with Elizabeth. I have been riding since I was about 10 years old. Being 42 now, I can honestly say I have really enjoyed riding since I started with Elizabeth.

I went back to “basics” with Elizabeth, which I really needed to do.  I have had some bad falls, injuries, etc, and with Elizabeth teaching me to “ride the moment” and with my “seat”, it has really helped! Not only are her lessons fun, informative and exciting, but her stable and horses are just great.

Everyone at her barn has been so helpful; whether it is another student, someone helping out at the stable or a parent watching their child, I have always felt the support.  The atmosphere is very friendly!

I know when something bothers me when I’m riding, I’m not afraid to tell Elizabeth as I know she will help me get through it.  I think of questions weekly and can’t wait to ask her!

Everything she has taught me makes so much sense and falls into place of riding.  You can see or feel the difference when riding, of what you are taught. 

This year I am looking forward to working with my youngest horse Asher, with everything I have been taught.  I do bring him over to Elizabeth’s when possible and it is so much fun watching her ride him, or having a lesson with him myself.

If you really want to learn how to ride, I would highly suggest Elizabeth for lessons, or training with your horse. 

Anyone may contact me with questions." 


Kim Ware
Mountain View Stable
Northfield, NH


"You have to learn to feel the horse, flow with his or her rhythm" (Click HERE to Read)

Christa"I started riding at Cadbury in the summer of 2006. It seems like such a long time ago that I entered that barn as a timid, shy, middle schooler. I have so much to thank Elizabeth and the horses for. My experience at Cadbury Woods has been nothing but positive. If you look around, statewide, I guarantee that you won’t find anything quite like Cadbury Woods. The teachings there are so unique and encouraging and just so different from any other place. Granted, I’ve never ridden anywhere else, hardly, but from stories told to me by friends I can say that Cadbury Woods is indeed different.
Riding horses isn’t just about the mechanics, as you will hear Elizabeth say, but it’s about applying all that you’ve learned to life. One major theme that’s definitely changed my life is confidence. I never used to be bold about anything, ever. I never used to take risks; I was happy sitting in my own little corner. But since I’ve gained confidence, I have found that life is so much more fun and enjoyable when I’m willing to take risks and just believe in myself. The school horses that are at Cadbury are so amazing and they teach so much. Even though I’ve been riding for almost four years, I learn something new every lesson. I have learned to be quiet, but not fall asleep, because on horseback, that’s exactly what you have to do. You have to learn to feel the horse, flow with his or her rhythm and to let them know they can trust you, and when that happens, it’s the most rewarding thing a person can experience. I would be a very different person today without Elizabeth and the whole gang."

-Christa Blanchard


"Cadbury Woods Farm is a facility where you can truly be yourself." (Click HERE to Read)

"Elizabeth lets her own personality show, so you can feel like you can be yourself also.  I have been riding at this farm for about 10 years and I can honestly say that the lessons I have learned in the ring, I've been able to apply to my personal life.  Elizabeth makes each lesson its own adventure.  Just the way she teaches can always bring a smile to my face.  In each lesson, she really works with you, one on one, to build a close relationship and works on your confidence and skill level.  She also makes you work for everything you do and she challenges you while bringing in humor at the same time.  If you ever get a chance to watch Elizabeth ride you can truly see her passion of horses, and when she teaches she lights up.  The horses are so....brilliant.  You really form a companionship with them.  They range from beginners to advanced, each with their own personality.   To be honest, from my experience,  there isn't quite enough words to describe this farm.  You will form a bond here that will stick with you!"         

-Liana Hanrahan  

Liana's College Essay, Significant Influence (Click HERE to Read)

            A significant figure is synonymous to a hero to me. This means somebody who will constantly amaze you, through the good and the bad. They’ll show you that it is possible to be stronger and rise above everything. They won’t just tell you to rise above everything just for the heck of it, they’ll tell you to rise above because once in their life they had to rise above something. Most importantly about this person, they’ll make you feel worthy, and they’ll show you that it is okay to be yourself, which is really important to me. They will also share with you their knowledge and they will help guide you through your life. They won’t judge you, and they’ll constantly be there for you.
            Starting at about 8 years of age, I always rode horseback. Just like any young girl, I always wanted to be the girl riding those big ‘Horsies.’ Well let’s just say my mom made my dream come true. I remember the one day where my mom brought me to a stable called “Cadbury Woods Farm,” about a half hour away from our home. At the farm I met my instructor. Her name was Elizabeth Latham and she was a young woman who had devoted her life to horses. I have been riding with her for about ten years, and she has become such an influence on me. I’ve grown so close to her, and she is in fact what I call my second mother. She’s seen me through my hardest times, and she’s seen me succeed in my goals.
            Elizabeth Latham is a significant influence on my life. As long as I can remember, she’s always been an independent woman. She runs her own riding business, where she teaches half hour private lessons for hours on end, while running her own fish aquarium business. She actually has taught lessons, in the winter, with severe colds, because she is so devoted to her students. She is quite the woman. She is so influential on my life because she is such a strong willed person. Although times get hard for her, she can always see the bright side. I remember when times were tough for her; she would always tell me how she could get through anything. To me, she is the most successful woman in this whole world. She has a family who loves her, students who admire her for just who she is, and she always manages her business for the better.
            During one of my hardest riding lessons, I couldn’t face a fear of getting back on a horse that  had misbehaved with me.  The horse had ended up cantering off with me and after the lesson I was terrified. I never wanted to get on that horse again, yet  I was determined to do so. Beth had seen me grow up through my teenage years and she’s seen what I am capable of. I remember her saying, “Liana, this isn’t just about horseback riding. What if you come across something that scares you later on in life, and you’re scared and never want to do it again? If you get on this horse you will be overcoming a fear, and you will be overcoming certain obstacles for yourself.’” At the time, I did not realize that this quote would stick with me throughout my whole life.  She was right. I learned later on, that when I have a scary obstacle in front of me I couldn’t always let it bring me down. Sometimes I’ll have to get back on that ‘horse,’ and try again. After she told me that story, I got back on my horse and I ended my lesson with what I felt was perfection.  The feeling of empowerment is something I will always remember.
            Throughout my whole life I’ve always been a timid and shy person. I’ve never quite been the person who gets in front of everybody and pulls a whole project together. Through my horseback riding I was still this shy and timid person always doing what ever I was told, canter here, trot there, never asking any questions. I was persistent with my work but I never questioned it. I believe it was about 7 or so years before my riding really clicked for me.
During my first horse show, I had great confidence that I was going to win my level. I was on a horse that I had ridden many times and I knew my test. The day was pretty cloudy and the horses were a bit frisky. I entered the ring and completed my test with confidence.  As I watched my competitor ride and win the blue ribbon, besting me, I realized that I had done something wrong. I had tears in my eyes, and so Beth walked over to me and gave me a great big hug.  She looked me in the eyes and told me what I needed to hear, that she believed in me. The next time this same show came around, I was on the same horse and had the same test. I mounted my horse and I felt great doing my test. I hit every move and perfectly. The same competitor went up against me, but this time I had won the blue ribbon. When I received my ribbon Beth came up to me and told me how proud she was of me. When she told me that not everything is just handed to you, I knew I had to work for this ribbon. Beth taught me how to take my persistence and put it towards something I really wanted.

            She has influenced my life, because she is exactly what my definition of a hero is. She has risen above hard times, and she knows its possible. She’s been through heartbreak, happiness, and anything else you can think of and she still lives to tell her stories. When I call her my second mom, I truly mean it. Even if I’m having the worst day, she’ll see it in my face, and she’ll talk to me. She pushes me to succeed, and she watches me obtain my goals.  The main reason she’s so influential on my life, is because she’s showed me that everything will be okay in the end. She’s helped me push through my fears, and she’s made me a better person. I couldn’t possibly ever ask for another mentor in my life.

- Liana Hanrahan

"The greatest testament to the quality of Elizabeth's teaching is..."

"The greatest testament to the quality of Elizabeth's teaching is that her students, of all ages and walks of life, keep coming back. The atmosphere around the barn is upbeat, with everyone friendly and supportive of each other Elizabeth's teaching goes far beyond the mechanics of using the correct aids. Through metaphors visualization, and humor, Elizabeth communicates those elusive feelings that are a part of what is needed to be a really good rider, and she does it in such a way that I always feel inspired, already looking forward to my next lesson. Elizabeth's treaching goes far beyond the mechanics of using the correct aids. Through metaphors, visualization exercises and humor, Elizabeth communicates those elusive feelings that are part of what is needed to be a really good rider, and she does it in a way that I always feel inspried, already looking forward to my next lesson."