Cadbury Woods Farm, Sanbornton, NH
"Riding for Harmony and Balance"

About the Farm

The Labrynth

The Labrynth

For rider and horse to connect.

Created in 2003 in a clinic held with Ian and Annette Stephenson. Suppling. Meditative. Energy.


main barn

The Main Barn

7 Stall with Tack Room

7 rubber matted stalls and heated tack room.

Lower Run in Shed

Lower Run In Shed

Located next to the house.
Shed 12 x 24'

Shed has rubber mats and plastic weather strips and running water.

Upper Run in Shed

Upper Run In Shed

Shed has rubber mats and plastic weather strips.

indoor arena

Indoor Arena

Built in 2003 by Center Hill Barns.
Ext. - 144 x 68'.
Int. riding area - 20 x 40 meters.
Excellent footing by Lakes Region Fence. Sprinkler system.
Sterio system.
Heated viewing gallery with speakers.

Indoor Arena
outdoor viewing shed

Outdoor Ring
Viewing Shed

Screened porch and ceiling fans. Refrigerator.

Outdoor ring

Outdoor Ring

20 x 60 meters

Stone dust footing. Lights. Fencing done by Lakes Region Fence.

outdoor ring